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Love For Family

What is family? Webster’s dictionary tells us this:

a: the basic unit in society traditionally consisting of two parents rearing their children

b: spouse and children

The Bible talks about when a child is grown, he will leave his mother and father and will join together with his wife as one.

So we all know how that works and what happens next. But what I want to share about family is the love and bond that is created. There is a form of love that brought the two together and created their family. The family then also has a created bond of togetherness that shows how they care for each other. I know I would do anything for my family just like you would do anything for yours.

What I love when I see families together is the way they talk and laugh with each other.

I love to capture that pure joy between siblings, the embrace between husband and wife and the giggles of little ones running around!

Now, reality is I know life isn’t always that perfectly laid out.

Let’s be honest, I’ve had my own blow ups at my kids as I have tried to take their own pictures and I’ve had a camera in their faces since birth!

I try to remind my families that I am working with it’s ok! You don’t need to stress! We will have fun and create fun photos!

When you are relaxed I get more of that natural bond from you. I don’t mind chasing toddlers around because when I get THE photo you will see my excitement burst out!

As we enter into this Fall and Holiday season, take time to make new memories with your family, friends and loved ones! And when you do, reach out and let me help you capture those precious moments for a lifetime!

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