Isaiah & Isabella

I have one of the best jobs out there. I get to capture some of the sweetest memories and make time stand still for those moments. Especially when it comes to children. Their little faces and personalities change so quick it's hard to remember every single little thing they do. You want it all to just last. And with photography I get to make it last. While I was preparing these pictures I was looking back at older photos of these two and just to see the change in their faces brought a little tear to my eyes. I have known Isaiah and Isabella since before they were born. We have been friends with their parents since Bible college, before my husband and I were even dating! So these two are like family to me. And when I get to photograph them, I get to freeze time. And when I go over and edit these pictures it stuns me to see how much they are growning up. They are not these little babies anymore. They are growing into fine children that I am so proud of! Isaiah with the sweet gentle spirit and compassion he has to all people. Isabella with that smile and sass that just puts a big smile on your face. I feel so priveleged to get to share these photos with you all.


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