Mr. & Mrs. Skyes

As summer has come and gone I was looking forward to the intimate wedding ceremony of Tamara & Nate! Tamara has been a close friend and we have collaborated on several different projects and growing our companies. She is owner of the Baydian company and blogger of Baydian Girl. If you haven't seen her styles you much check her out!

So the day is here, August 27, 2016 and I have a very packed day. Wedding, pageant and neighbor's annual hog roast all on the same day! But I was ready for what was to unfold for the day. We get to the church as Tamara is getting ready and it was just so beautiful. The flowers, the decor, the shoes and the dress all perfect to the T! Then the bride came down the spiral staircase and she was just stunning!

The ceremony was starting and close family and friends were already waiting with tears of joy! So much love filled the church and such a beautiful flow to it all. After the ceremony we were able to get a few formal pictures and on a different day we did a few more intimate portraits of just Nate & Tamara. They are such a beautiful couple and I am looking forward to their destination wedding in March!

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