Wallace Family

Four years ago I met Ashlee through one of our photography groups on Facebook. She was always so kind and encouraging. She posted one day that she was expecting her third boy and was looking for a birth photographer here in Ohio. At that time her and Tom were living in North Carolina but they were getting ready to move here to New Lexington. I am an hour away so I replied to her post. We were making the arrangements for me to capture Samuel's birth but the plans changed and they had him right before they moved here to Ohio. So we continued to be friends on Facebook and I enjoyed seeing her post of her family over the years. Then last year I got a message that they were expecting baby number four! I was so excited for them and I photographed the birth of baby Zeke back in October! While there in the Labor & Delivery room with them, they were using their Young Living essential oils to help her through her process of welcoming Zeke. I have seen her post about "her oils" but I didn't know anything about essential oils and how beneficial they are or how amazing they smelled! We talked a ton between contractions and next thing I knew I was joining their Young Living family! I have learned so much through them and have met so many sweet, amazing new friends through Ashlee and Tom! Last month, Ashlee came to my house and taught a class to my family and friends who came!She has helped and taught me so much not only about essential oils but a side of Christ's love that is sometimes hard to find. So when I found out they were following God's direction and moving back to North Carolina I knew I wanted to give back to this super sweet family! Yesterday, I drove to say my "see you soon" and captured these final memories for them at their Ohio home! These boys have some pretty amazing parents and I look forward to seeing them all grow up through Facebook and the next time they visit! We love you Wallace family and pray that God will continue to bless you above and beyond as you selflessly serve Him and His people!

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