Welcome Baby Miya!!!

Over the past four or five years I have watched Tamara graduate college, start her business, get married and now her newest chapter, MOTHERHOOD!!! As a mother I know all the joys and feelings you get when you welcome a new baby into your life. The swaddling, the late night feedings, the many cute outfits. It all seems like yesterday. But, I am super excited to see this beautiful little girl grow up before my eyes, or uh lens, just as I have seen her parents grow into their new roles!

Last week I got a special visit from Tamara and baby Miya as we did her first of many shoots! Miya is so calm and alert already and she loves the camera just like her momma! Here's a few of my favorites!

#Photography #Ohio #614 #newborn #baby #Baydian #BaydianGirl #Baydianbabe #friendship #growingup #newchapter #motherhood #ColdrenPhotography

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